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Why horoscopes for love match?

According to astrology, the position of the sun, the mood, and planets have an important effect on major personality and love traits of someone when they are born. That’s why horoscopes love match and compatibility tests are becoming more and more popular. Because it is proven that astrology helps you discover many things about yourself and your partner that you didn’t know. Using free horoscope compatibility tests, you’ll figure out what you think and feel in a certain way. Also, you will discover which other zodiac signs are most compatible with you, so you can consider your best love matches when dating and meeting people.

Horoscope Matching For Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful relationship between a man and a woman who lives by mutual understanding, along with their families. With the help of Horoscope Matching, two beautiful souls get hitched forever. The norms related to marriage are originated during the Vedic era, which focuses on lifelong consignment between a man and a woman. Horoscope or Kundli matching is a ritual that is performed so that the couple enjoys a happy married life and nurture their offspring accordingly.
There are several ideologies attached to the concept of marriage which links to the zodiac signs to planetary positions, the name or its first letter and even lines of our palm. When we say ‘Happy Married Life’ to any newly wedded couple, we congratulate them for the new beginning, wishing for a happy ending too. These days, the concept of marriage has changed with the emergence of interest in marriage or divorce; all marriages don’t yield a happy beginning.

Significance of Horoscope Matching

Horoscope matching is the first process in every marriage, we want to know about a stranger’s personality, behavioral patterns, nature, and preference with the help of their planets inherited in the respective houses. There are two types of horoscope matching patterns in the Indian Astrology. The compatibility between the stars may define the longevity of the relationship. The north and south India as different horoscope matching patterns. Let’s know about them..!


Northern style of Horoscope Matching

In the north of style, the horoscope matching includes eight factors, and the number knows the compatibility between the couple of points obtained by matching their horoscope. There are eight factors, with the pairing of the above elements among the boy and girl may yield points that are assigned to every eight factors. More points produce better compatibility results in ‘Happily Married.’ All the following elements are placed according to their positions from 1 to 8. Let’s get into the details of these factors.

The eight factors, determine the fate of two families are as follows:

Varna- It symbolizes the similarity of caste between the couple. The rank measures compatibility. With the increasing number of inter-caste marriages, this has become a problem.
Vashya – with the match of this factor results in mutual love and harmony among the couple. The boy and girl need to have this as no love, no happiness.
Tara-it includes the comparison of birth stars between the boy and girl. This factor may bring good health and longevity in their married life.
Yoni- this emphasizes the sexual life of the couple, which leads to a happy married life.
Grah Maitri- Here, the male and female-dominant planets are compared, which will determine the understanding level between them.
Ghana- this reflects the psychological behavior of the couple their minds and control behavior which may decide the prospects of the couple.
Bhakta- better understanding results in an exchange of ideas which may decrease ego clash and retain equality between the couples.
Nadi- the word itself means ‘Pulse.’ This focuses on the overall health of the family.
Southern-style of Horoscope Matching or Koota Guna Matching
The people of south believe in the sign based charts and is based on the planetary Hindu calendar. There are about ten factors that determine the compatibility between the girl and the boy. Also, need to find nakshatra for horoscope matching. The more matching elements signify the better possibility of the future of the couple. Let’s jump to the ten southern patterns of horoscope matching factors.
China- the stars of the couples are matched, which may determine the longevity of the relationship.
Ghana- The match of this factor determines the happy life of the couple.
Mahendra- this renders better possibilities of offspring.
Street Dheerga-match of this factor renders the gift of happiness and well being.
Yoni- It emphasizes a balanced married life.
Rashi- it includes the happiness obtained from the birth of a child or children.
Rasyadhipathi- the emergence of wealth throughout the marriage deal.
Vasya- ‘Love’ and ‘Affection’ between the couple.
Rajju- it speaks for the longevity of the relationship.
Vedi- the possibility of evil forces that may emerge in the lifespan of the marriage.

Conclusion for Horoscope Matching

Usually, the marriage is said to be a relationship that lasts for about seven generations and is not a union between two people, but ‘Two Souls.’ This mythological belief helps us build confidence in our future instead of ‘Happy Future.’ Horoscope Matching is believed in many parts of India and is practiced before every marriage so that the parents become tension free about their children. This norm is changing its face with an increasing number of devices that is sad to hear. I hope this article has helped our valuable readers to know about our rich culture that is labeled as ‘Indian Culture’ and read more at our blog. Follow us to know more!

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What If Your Astrology Signs Don’t Match?

What if your horoscope says you and your partner’s signs are not compatible? Is there still any chance for your love to last? Can you always be happy together?

The good news is, yes. Even though your horoscopes and astrology signs can be a great guide in getting to know your partners personality traits to test your love match, still the real success of your love life depends on you and your loved one.

If you feel you are happy together and despite some of your differences, you make a great couple, then forget about all the horoscopes advice and be together happily.

There are many cases where two people come from an unmatching astrology sign, and still, they live together in love happily for years and decades. So you can also be one of them. Why not?